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About Us

Best Camping Kit is here to give you all you need to know about camping. While we primarily focus on reviews on the best equipment on the market, we also review the best places to camp, and even provide simple delicious recipes to make your camping experience all the more enyojable.


Born from an enthusiasm for camping and the outdoors nurtured throughout childhood with family camping trips, our team spends hours researching and collecting insight from both expert testing and real human experience, laying it out with clear straight-forward conclusions to simplify your decision. As such, we provide a unique insight which we hope satisfies your needs.

Our Story

As students, camping has always been the most viable vacation option, as it is so cheap and accessible. But after struggles with faulty equipment and organisation, we created this website to help others not have those same difficulties and be able to enjoy their camping experience without stress, using our own experiences to inform our research.