The Best Campfire Cooking Kit For Your Needs (2022 edition)

Why you need a campfire cooking kit

A campfire cooking kit is a vital addition to your camping gear. It’s the perfect way to bond with your family and friends and make your experiences so much more exciting.

It really is a great thing to have, and is a wonderful gift for any camping enthusiasts to spice up their next camping adventures.

Having a good campfire cooking kit can save you money rather than eating out, and is now easier to clean, and transport than in the past.

With this in mind, we have created this list to help all those who want to make their next camping trip all the more memorable.

Having the right campfire cooking kit is a gamechanger, and after sifting through countless reviews of products and testing them, we believe we have found the ideal campfire cooking kits for every camping style.

Key Factors to Consider:

The following four factors served as a blueprint for our decisions:


The quality of the materials is vital, and can have a drastic effect on the outcome and taste of your food. It can also affect the weight of the cooking equipment, and how easy it is to clean.

Cast iron tends to be more durable, while stainless steel tends to be lighter.


The weight of the kit, and how easy it is to transport can make a big difference depending on your camping style.

For backpackers, a compact, lightweight cooking kit is superior while car camping allows for heftier, cast iron options.


Campfire cooking kits often take quite a beating, due to imperfect cleaning methods and bumpy roads.

Nobody wants to buy a new cooking kit each year because the old one broke or lost its shine. As such, durability also proves a key factor.


Having to clean burnt cooking sets is one of the major reasons why many people don’t choose to cook over an open fire, and can waste your time and energy.

Hence, we have only chosen kits which are easy to clean.

Overview of our top picks:

Best Overall Campfire Cooking Kit:

Lodge 14 inch cast iron cook-it-all

Best Premium Campfire Cooking Kit:

Bruntmor pre-seasoned 7 piece heavy duty cast iron cookset

Best Comprehensive Campfire Cooking Kit (for families and large groups):

Stanley adventure base camp cookset for 4

Best Campfire Cooking Kit for Beginners:

Stanley adventure even-heat camp pro cookset

Best Budget Campfire Cooking Kit:

Primus essential pot set

Best Campfire Cooking Kit for Solo Campers:

Stanley adventure stainless steel cookset for 2

Our 6 Best Campfire Cooking Kits

Best Campfire Cooking Kit Overall:


  • 5 cooking configurations from only two pieces of cast iron, with a dutch oven for stews and soups
  • Compact and easy to transport despite being 12kg due to there only being two components
  • High quality and durable as with Lodge’s quality promise, cast iron pan gives a better taste
  • Gas and stovetop compatible
  • Safe to be used over charcoal and wood fire, can withstand over 500 degrees
  • 6.8L capacity as well as 33 page guidebook with recipes allows you to make almost any dish
  • Comes already pre-seasoned with 100% natural vegetable oil

This Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All provides a high-quality, durable cooking kit while still remaining compact and easy to tranpsort. It includes everything you need for campfire cooking, barring cooking utensils.

This particular cooking set comes in at 12kg and has a capacity of 6.8L. This makes it suitable for a wide range of dishes.

It also features 5 different cooking configurations from only two pieces of cast iron, serving as a wok, a cast iron pan, a heavy duty dutch oven, a campfire grill, and can be inverted to become a domed lid for baking while still providing a generous, clean cooking space. It also includes 2 stay cool stainless steel handles for added safety.

As part of Lodge’s high-quality guarantee, it comes already pre-seasoned with 100% natural vegetable oil. The cast iron provides a much greater depth of flavour to your food.

It is also more durable and is safer to use over an open flame and hot coals, as it can withstand temperatures of above 500 degrees.

The cooking kit is also gas and stovetop compatible and is very compact and easy to transport and store. We found it to provide the greatest range of delicious meals of all the products we tested, particularly with the dutch oven, which allows you to also make stews and soups, and the included 33 page guidebook containing tips and recipes to kickstart your camping adventure.


The only drawbacks are the weight, the lack of cooking utensils provided, and that the cooking kit was not dishwasher safe, though we found this was compensated for by the better flavour and durability.

Best for families:


  • 21 piece cookset, so has everything you need
  • Nesting system makes it compact and easy to transport
  • Lightweight at only 2.6kg
  • Includes cutting board and dish drying rack and is safe to go in the dishwasher
  • Contains all the campfire cooking equipment you need, with cutlery, utensils, plates, a 3.5L pot and a 0.94L frying pan
  • Features a locking bungee to help keep everything in place
  • Includes a trivet to put your hot campfire cooking equipment on

This Stanley Base Camp Cook Set for 4 is the most comprehensive set on our list, including all the essentials of a campfire cooking kit and more, which contributes to stress-free camping trips.

It comes catered for all needs, and due to the stainless steel material, is light and easy to transport with 21 nested components for easy storage.

It features a cutting board and dish drying rack, as well as high-quality cutlery and cooking utensils, and four deep dish plates, so you do not need to buy any additional cooking gear.

As such, it provides the perfect option for large groups. It is also suitable for both backpackers and RV campers, due to its lightweight design, and its featured locking bungee which keeps everything tightly in place.


The only drawback is the less durable stainless steel, which is less suitable for cooking over an open fire, though this is made up for by all the advantages of a lighter cooking kit.

Best for solo campers:


  • Cheap at only 40$
  • Lightweight, only 440g
  • Easy storage due to locking pot handle, compact and easy to transport
  • BPA free stainless steel, so lightweight but durable
  • Easy to clean and is safe to put in dishwasher
  • Already contains 2 sporks and 2 bowls

If you are a solo or duo camper, or prefer a more minimalist, lightweight cooking kit, then this Stanley Adventure stainless steel cookset for 2 is for you.

This particular set is extremely lightweight, coming in at only 440g and due to the locking pot handle, is very easy to transport.

The kit includes a 1L stainless steel pot with a vented lid, and 2 bowls and 2 sporks, so there is no need to buy any cutlery. It is also easy to clean and is dishwasher safe, which can save time and energy, making your camping trip even more enjoyable.

As part of Stanley’s quality promise, the stainless steel is high quality and BPA free, providing a delicious meal, while still remaining lightweight.

For those who love camping without the hassle of carrying large camping cookware, this set is ideal.


The only drawbacks we found were the low capacity of the pot, which limits your options, and the low durability that comes with with lighter cooking pots.

Best Budget Campfire Cooking Kit:


  • Cheap, less than 50$ for 2 pots and a frying pan
  • Anodised aluminum, so incredibly lightweight at 500g
  • Features removable pot gripper handles making it safe and easy to transport for a few hours
  • Frying pan doubles as a pot lid for boiling water
  • Comes with nylon storage bag

If budget is a concern for you, this Primus essential pot set covers all your campfire cookware essentials while costing less than 50$.

As always, with our emphasis on quality camping gear, we have chosen a campfire cooking kit from a reputable brand to guarantee the highest quality product.

This particular kit features two 1.3L pots, a non-stick frying pan which doubles as a lid for boiling water and removable camping pot gripper handles which are easy to transport and ensure your campfire cooking safety.

The anodised aluminum material provides an extremely lightweight cooking kit (500g) , and the included nylon storage bag allows the aluminum pans to be easily stored.


Unfortunately, the cooking kit does not have cutlery or cooking tools, and due to the lower price, may compromise somewhat on durability and flavour retention.

With that being said, it does contain all the necessities, and is easy to lug around while still providing great quality for such a cheap cooking set.

Best Premium Campfire Cooking Set:


  • 7 piece cookset, so caters for all cooking needs, and allows you to make almost anything
  • Contains a dutch oven, saucepot, skillet, griddle, bracket, lid filter, and premium carry box
  • Cast iron cookware, so provides the best durability and flavour retention
  • Griddle to use as a grill for meat and fish
  • Non-stick coating makes it easy to clean, and dishwasher safe
  • Elegant, and does contain wooden box to make transporting easier
  • Can withstand tempeartures of above 500 degrees

This Bruntmor Cast Iron 7 piece cookset is the ultimate option for experienced RV campers, or for those for whom weight and price is not an issue.

The Cast iron pans provide the deepest flavour retention and conduction of heat, allowing food to be cooked effectively at high temperatures.

As such it is the perfect option for a camp chef, or cooking enthusiast, and for large groups which require more complex meals and organisation.

This particular set features a cast iron frying pan, a heavy duty dutch oven, a 12” skillet, a cast iron saucepot, a griddle which works as a small grill for hot dogs and kebabs, a bracket which works as a fire poker and allows you to set cast iron pans over an open flame, and a lid filter which allows you to manoeuvre hot cast iron around the fire pit safely.

The cast iron kit is incredibly durable and high quality and allows a great variety of recipes and food options.

The kit also comes already pre-seasoned and is easy to clean due to the non-stick surface.

It also includes a large wooden box, complete with handles to make transporting easier, and is easy to clean and safe to go in the dishwasher.

There is also a premium elegance to cast iron cookware, which made it particularly attractive to luxury campers.


The only negatives we found were the weight, which came in at 17kg, the high price, and that the cooking kit does not come with all the utensils you might need.

As such, it is more suitable for large groups, and for those with cars to transport the heavy duty equipment.

Best Campfire Cooking Kit for Beginners:


  • Layered extra thich bottom conducts heat evenly and stops your food from burning
  • Contains 2 pots with two strainer lids and a frying pan
  • BPA free 3-ply stainless steel, so high quality while remaining lightweight at 3.7kg
  • Features serving spoon, spatula and cutting board giving you all the essentials
  • Nesting system and includes locking pot handles, so compact and easy to transport
  • Easy to clean, due to non-stick surface and is safe to put in the dishwasher
  • Backed by Stanley’s quality guarantee

Featuring BPA free 3-ply stainless steel and a layered extra thick bottom which conducts heat evenly to ensure your food is cooked through without burning, this Stanley even-heat pro camping cooking kit is undoubtedly the best option for those who are not quite as experienced at campfire cooking.

This comprehensive cooking set has 11 components, including a 8.5” frying pan, one 1.8 L stainless steel cooking pot and one 4.5L larger pot.

It also includes a collapsible cutting board, a serving spoon and all other essential cooking tools. It can easily be cleaned with dish soap due to the non-stick surface. .

The kit is also particularly easy to transport, due to its nesting feature and its locking bungee which keeps everything in place.

At only 3.7kg, this campfire cooking set can be used by both RV campers and backpackers.


Unfortunately, this campfire cooking kit is quite expensive, due to the more advanced features, though it is guaranteed by Stanley’s limited lifetime warranty, meaning that it should last throughout all your outdoor cooking experiences.

It also does not include a carry bag, though the locking bungee makes up for this.

Additonal campfire cooking equipment:

To ensure that your campfire cooking experience is the best that it can be, we have listed some supplementary cooking equipment sold separately to complete our selections above.

These are not absolutely necessary, but will make campfire cooking more straightforward for you.

Tin Foil

Aluminum foil is a must have for any camp chef as it can help keep food warm for longer, be used to wrap leftover food to save space, and is often used for grilling certain vegetables and fish to preserve moisture.

Stainless Steel Skewers

These are vital for grilling meat and vegetables, and for making kebabs.

They can also be used to safely extract food on hot coals without burning your fingers, and are re-usable and durable.

Grilling Basket

This cooking tool resembles tongs and is used for roasting hot dogs and bacon, allowing you to manoeuver food around the fire pit effectively.

Though not vital, a grilling basket is useful for those who like roasting hot dogs and sausages.

Mess Kit

Though some of the campfire cooking kits listed do feature cutlery and deep dish plates, many do need additional cooking equipment.

Therefore we recommend buying a cheap mess kit to make sure you have enough cutlery and camping cookware for your group.

Foldable Grill

There is nothing that embodies campfire cooking more than a barbecue.

As such, with the exception of the Bruntmor cast iron set, a foldable grill is a must have for those who want to have a more memorable camping trip.

These can be found for as little as 50$ online, and allow you to make a larger variety of grilled meats and fish.

These can also be used as a rack for hot dutch ovens and pans rather than placing them precariously on the floor where they can be knocked over.

For a list of the best foldable grills, we have linked to this trusted article from wired —

Common Issues

Campfire cooking has the potential to be a memorable and bonding experience between families and large groups, or those who prefer going solo.

In spite of this, there are a few key things you must remember before embarking on your camping journey.

Testing the equipment

Though we do try our hardest to make sure that the products we recommend satisy your needs and are the best they can be, we do recognise that they may not work for everyone.

As such, it is vital that you test your equipment beforehand so that you don’t run into any problems at a later time, and be left without much you can do.

Even if you have done research, products may not turn out how you expect them to. Make sure that if the products are faulty, you have left yourself enough time to get your money back

Ensure you have everything you need

In the rush to get out the door, it is easy to forget equipment which you might need later down the line.

Make sure you prepare everything the night before, and that you have bought any supplementary equipment you might need, including sufficient cutlery and plates.

Organise in advance

In addition to equipment, make sure you know what food you might want to cook on your trip. That way you can buy the ingredients in advance, as there will be little in the way of a supermarket at your campsite.

Organising in advance is one of the best ways to make sure that you have a stress free trip. Having to worry about little details is never fun, and can ruin your vacation if you are not careful.

Regulate the campfire

To cook food over an open flame in the great outdoors is an unforgettable experience.

However, often when cooking with large groups including kids, it can be easy to lose focus, and fail to regulate the campfire effectively.

This can not only be bad for your food, but is unsafe for you and your surroundings.

In order to avoid this, build up the wood slowly, adding only a few sticks at a time, and not going overboard.

If the fire starts to become out of control, douse it with water or remove a few logs, and you should be good to go.

For further information about how to regulate a campfire —


There are many factors that contribute to a good camping kit, and many of those contradict each other (i.e a large but lightweight set, or an expensive but high quality set.)

As a result, it is difficult to chose a best campfire cooking kit, when there are so many options to chose from, each with their own advantages.

We believe that we have found the best kits for your needs on the marketplace, and we have conducted thorough research to support that claim.

With that being said, do be aware that those that we recommended may not include everything you need, and if this is the case, you may need to buy your own additional gear to supplement these kits.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your new campfire cooking kit!

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